Monthly Archives: July 2015

Coming Apart at the Seams and Recovery

When Jenny was in screenwriting school, I became more aware of the nature of STORY and how important it was for any good story to have the proper amount of conflict. I used to have a running joke with my dear friend Dawn, that mine and her lives were two of God’s favorite “channels” to watch. I think He is watching mine  now 🙂 Nolan and I were both feeling pretty defeated the last few days. We had to take a side of our camper apart to fit the laser in. My repair job did pretty good in that it lasted a good 1200 miles but before we hit the busy chaos of Dallas it let go. The miracle was I had just seen the beginnings of the split and was watching how the wind was hitting the corner of the camper when all of sudden the lower strip of metal let go and started “streaming” in the wind like a hard metal tail of a kite held on by one little piece. Very uncharacteristic of me, I just  gently told Nolan it would be good to pull over. He started slowing down and as we got to an appropriate pulling over speed we found ourselves at an actual place made for pulling off the road, rather than the normal interstate shoulder. I never saw another one, it was like the whole incident was orchestrated for us to be at the right place of our “coming apart”. We bandaged our poor camper and removed the metal for another days repair and then headed into the busy city. We felt like we were limping in at just past midnight to Chris and Megan’s. We had stopped several more times to try and repair what wasn’t holding, hoping that we would get there without seeing clothes and laser flying out the camper. Nolan ended up getting sick and loosing his voice which added to our feelings of fatigue and despair. We had orders pending and no energy or way to fill them. The romance of working and traveling in an old ambulance and little camper was fading quickly. So that we were happy campers our first day in Texas was a far stretch. I made one call to a local trophy and awards business who were quick to let us know they were not about to let an outsider come in and use their laser. They would however do it for us. I got their specs and Nolan set to work editing files to make them easier for someone with less experience with laser and leather to hopefully comprehend. Nolan would probably not describe this in such a desperate view as I am, but it was my last hope that this guy might actually be able to do what we needed. So I wouldn’t bother to tell this long story, did it not have a happy ending! They did it beautifully! and were so happy to learn something they didn’t know they could do, that they refused to let us pay! We left so happy and hopeful we forgot we were in a town we didn’t know and just started driving with no idea where we were going, HA! A much needed day of success. Chris and Megan are having a garage sale today. All of us seem to be still fighting too much stuff. Nolan bought a flashlight…. I guess we’ll make room 🙂

Working and Shopping

I am so thankful for my time with Jenny today. So good to see her happy in her new job and to experience her new game and to go shopping in the loop and having Ted Drews Custard, etc, etc. She also helped us launch a new blog for our website. I’ve had my first lesson at building a webpage and launching a blog! It may take us awhile to get the website looking just right, but at least we have a place for friends that don’t do twitter and facebook to keep up with us! Thanks Jenny! And thanks John for our delicious burgers! Nolan’s day was a little more about work, finding a compatible laser company willing to let us rent time for our upcoming orders. One order was successful but we have to go back tomorrow and try the others again with different settings. Hard to believe a lightening strike could cost us so much time and money.

Launching Out

Last night we spent our first night on the road, sort of. It doesn’t feel real yet, as we are staying with my daughter and her husband in St. Louis. We didn’t arrive until after 11. David Penn was gracious enough to allow us use of his pull through space at at storage facility since Jenny’s place had no parking for a camper. Our “ambulance” van looks pretty ominous on the narrow St. Louis neighborhood street. Today was a day of rest and renewal, as we went to the Science museum and saw an Omnimax presentation of Humped Back Whales. It was nice to forget work for a day especially since the laser broke down as we tried to complete our orders before leaving TN. Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, as we blaze new trails looking for solutions and possibilites