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On to Fort Worth

It seems crazy that we were in New Braunfels for such a relative short time and yet it feels like pulling up roots again to leave there. We had hoped to establish at least one home base somewhere, and I can at least say we have done that. I’m sure it is asking a lot to have a couple of wandering old hippies move into your house and yard with a working business while still in the mode of establishing your own family in a new place, but I think we all became a pretty well functioning little family during our stay in Chris and Megan’s home. Thanks guys! We miss you already! So now a quick stay with Mandy and family in Fort Worth.Such a treat to be with Gracie and Lilly. They are such sweet hosts, really! Gracie has been cooking and serving us her (pretend) meals since our arrival yesterday. Nolan is back at work finishing up orders today, so didn’t even take us long to get set up….maybe we are really making some progress at this on the road thing. We are hoping that our Lord is the author of this endeavor and trying to not make hard and fast plans of our own, but it is a debatable plus, having kids scattered across the country to help us set goals and directions. We have Seattle in our sights. Little Clara is really calling me. I so want to see her before she is walking! Nearly 2000 miles to go and I’m sure divine appointments in between. May we be where we need to be when we should be, Amen 🙂


I could have predicted that FLEXIBILITY would be a key word for our journey. ACCEPTANCE has been a strong word for me the past couple of years. Simple words, but it is almost incomprehensible the depth of character that those two simple words can call forth. Nolan and I have spent so much of the last few months downsizing, planning and designing to try and find a “comfortable” way to do our business and be small and mobile. Some things have worked and that is what I must keep focused on. Many things have not and we continue to try and tweak our van, camper, laser and computer issues. We made a quick trip back to Nashville to see a few clients and pick up our toyota van so we can have a run around vehicle when camping out in Texas. We took the southern route back to New Braunfels, which included a wonderful visit with Nolan’s cousin Luke. He is always such an encouragement to us and reminds us of what is important in life, which is trusting God with everyday we live and breath and being thankful to be alive and well!

Nolan and Luke
Nolan and Luke

We’ve managed to get very comfortable in our room that Chris and Megan have been so generous to furnish for us. They have been so kind to put up with our extension cords and network cables running through the yard to try and service the computers and laser as we configure different layouts to try and chase shade and keep things working. The chickens keep trying to make our camper their new secret nest spot. Megan found the mother load the other day when she found a secret nest of 30 eggs!
megan +30 eggs
megan +30 eggs

We finally have had a little break in the weather and enjoying temps in the low 90’s. Went to a great movie house last night that serves dinner while you watch your movie. Saw the new “Man from UNCLE”, very fun and a much needed escape! Working on orders and hoping to head north in the next week. We will see how it goes!


Angela phone August 262

Angela phone August 274

Angela phone August 254
So, finally a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. We have taken a little time to sight see and take the grandkids on a train ride in Landa park. The chickens love the new shade our camper is providing them and we have enjoyed the goats except when they start chewing on the van doors. We keep the doors open during the heat of the day to keep some circulation, so keeping the chickens out of the van and camper is a challenge. Chris fixed the air conditioner in his shop so Nolan has set up part of his operation there. 100 degree days working in a van is hard enough for a human but seems to be just as hard on computers!
We made a big purchase for us. We bought a self standing canopy to provide a little more shade to the camper/van setup. It worked splendidly for several days, til our beloved wind (I mean that sincerely for it is a part of what makes this heat so bearable)took it over and behind the camper. A few bent pieces was a real test to my ability to accept those things that challenge us, but I think it is salvageable. I feel a new kinship to our relationship to weather. We are definitely at it’s mercy.
We did the mandatory river walk in San Antonio and I finally got to show Nolan Davy Crocket’s leather wallet (at the Alamo) that looks so much like our civil war style bible covers. We also got to meet a fellow historian across the street from the Alamo. His specialty is restoring old books and documents, so it was fun to talk a little shop with him.
We had a lovely desert in Gruen, TX overlooking the river at the Grist Mill.And finally today a quick trip to Seguin where a replica of the worlds largest pecan is in the public square!


IMG_20150724_174237IMG_20150729_190703So, it is hot in southern Texas! Can’t believe we have already been here a week. We thought that getting an air conditioner for our work space (camper/van) Would be top priority, but we have managed to focus on fixing the laser and camper out in near 100 degrees. Maybe all the years of humidity in TN has made us pretty tolerable of this great dry heat! The laser is working! We have managed to start catching up on orders and begin repairs on the camper and broken door latches on the van. Seems that Ford vans are known for broken latches and we are down to only one fully functioning door. We have enjoyed the chickens and goats that hang out with us all day. They are especially thankful for the shade of our camper! Chris and Megan continue to be terrific hosts. We are trying to give back with a little babysitting and a few chores here and there. One day soon we will make it to San Antonio to check out the Alamo, but are thankful that the orders are keeping us as busy as they are!