Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Long Way to Here

We added up our miles and have driven over 4000 miles now. Here are a couple of our latest releases while on the road:

cross and rings with new border


We had beautiful vistas across the country with brief stops for work and play and have enjoyed several days now in Boise Idaho, with our dear friends John and Brenda. Beautiful weather and wonderful food, we are enjoying the luxury of having most things working and catching up on some orders while staying put. Here are a few of our favorite views on the way!






Everything that can be shaken…..

I’m sure I’m taking it a bit out of context, but Hebrews 12:27 talks about things being shaken so that those things which can not be shaken, will remain…..I may not be one of those things, or our little camper. We had a delightful time with Mandy and Kyle and kids in Fort Worth. We worked and played for a week, cluttering up their driveway with our extension cords and rig, but it was great. We are on the road now and camping finally and testing out our abilities on the move. We almost made it to Amarillo without any casualty, but that is where the shaking took its toll and one of our camper wheel wells that had some rotten-ness around it…fell apart. We heard a noise and looked in time to see debris trailing behind. This was a tough one. The metal wheel well was jammed up into the wheel between it and the axle. We had spent our money on tires instead of a jack, but a jack would have been nice! We are still carrying stray pieces of materials and used a long piece of aluminum rail and a hammer and pliers, to hammer, twist and pull until it was finally where we could move forward and pull it free. We lost a bug zapper, but so far that is the only fatality we know of. We just have a hole around the wheel now and can’t use the storage compartment next to it that kept the electrical cords and hoses. It’s not like we have an abundance of places to put things, but we keep letting go of things and making do. I am getting a bit paranoid and always looking for what is going to shake loose and rattle off next. The joy is in the journey, right! The things that work, like the LASER! We continue to be very thankful for. I’ve shed a few tears along the way but keep holding on to the idea that the Lord knows what I need and will take care of me (us) Nolan is going to write one of these updates one of these days. He spends his extra time working on orders or re-wiring something. He is always trying to improve the system.
We are in a beautiful campground in Leadville, Colorado tonight. The sun has just set and I am toasty next to a campfire. Nolan keeps asking if I like my new office. Don’t know how long it will all last, but today I do. We are hoping to hike to turqoise lake tomorrow close to the continental divide. Hope we can make it. Nolan remembers it being beautiful when he hiked it almost 40 years ago. These mountains are tall. I think we are camping at 9000 feet now. Suppose to get down to 40 tonight. A nice change from 100 degrees, but amazing how fast things can change.