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The Bluest Skies

I was a huge fan of “Here Come the Brides” when I was a kid. I think it was part of my motivation to see the great Northwest when I first headed across the country in a camper, pregnant with my first child, back in 1979. Now these many lives later, my daughter and her baby have decided to call it home and we have finally made it full circle.
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We have hiked and played and toured, and it is true these are some of the bluest skies and greenest hills, I have ever seen. We have spent two weeks in one campground which is a first for us. It has given us a good taste of what it is like living in our little camper. We keep a good sense of accomplishment, as we are surrounded by huge RV’s with all the comforts of home. We look like the ant at the picnic! These are definitely the full time RV-ers. Some have permanent sites with landscaping all around. We have attracted several curious neighbors. I think they were a little afraid of us at first with our weird little chimney sticking out the back of the camper.
We are headed into the big city(Seattle) this next week without the laser in tow, so today is working like crazy to get a weeks worth of jobs done! Here are some samplings of the last week or so.
this week photomerge