Monthly Archives: September 2016

And the rains came….

The rains have started… but it is about time. We had a completely dry summer until September 1. Can’t beat that. We finally got the timing right and enjoyed working in the great dry summer outdoors with highs in the 70’s and 80’s. We even had our first “company” on the road. Nolan’s mom visited us for 10 days in August. We drove her around to all our favorite towns north of Seattle and took a quick trip on the ferry over to one of her favorite places, “Butchart Gardens” in lovely British Columbia. We tried all the great local eateries we could find and had a fabulous time. She amazed us with her stamina and agility at getting in and out of the ambulance! The day before she left, Jacob (Nolan’s youngest) and his friend Emily showed up in Jacob’s newly “camperized” Toyota truck. They did the Walmart style camping all the way from Tennessee! We couldn’t be prouder. They were with us for three weeks letting us take them around to our favorite spots, which was mostly all of Northwest Washington! Jacob has continued to “wow” us with his incredible photography. They have found all kinds of beautiful places, people and animals. The days they went off on their own were always full of great stories at their return. The rains are helping us start to plot our course back across the country. We have kids, grand kids and mom’s pulling our heartstrings towards the east, but it is going to be hard to leave this beautiful area.
I’m sorry Facebook friends that I have been so silent this summer. I’m always a little hesitant to put too many updates out there. I know like any friendship, that all the happenings out there in this new cyber world work both ways. My facebook friends keep me going on the hard and lonely days when I truly feel like I have surely lost my mind to be doing what we are doing. The other days, I don’t want to make everyone jealous! My sister was extremely jealous of our lifestyle until I told her that we had over a 100 miles to cover in the next two days and were down to our last $40. Those are the days my faith is tested to its limits. It is amazing how it works out though. We got to Seattle and the orders started pouring in! Here are a few pics of our summer!