Almost Too Late!

We thought we were doing so good to head east before the bad weather hit, even though it was already the weather that was pushing us away from the fog and rain of the coast. We drove hundreds of miles a day to get to our timeshare rental in Lake Tahoe, too late to see the beauty around us. When we got up the next morning it was snowing! Tahoe style too! Huge wet flakes flocking the beautiful evergreens all around us. We felt as though we had arrived into a Christmas card. We sloshed through the snow and wet to deliver our orders to the post office which we were thrilled to find just around the corner from our resort. We stayed another day hoping the sun would at least melt the mountain passes so we could leave as we had reserved another night at a resort in Las Vegas. It was quiet the luxury after so much camping, That it was rainy and cold in Las Vegas, didn’t really matter. We were also excited to finally time things right so that we had a family bible to hand deliver in Las Vegas. We got to experience a rare side of Vegas, cold, rain and a personal bible delivery! We raced off again hoping to beat any snow that was still headed east in some of the higher elevations. We caught it or it caught us somewhere west of Flagstaff and thus began the hardest day of driving I think either of us have ever had. We kept thinking if we kept going we would either get to a lower elevation or out run the system. Fighting the snow well after dark and having to pull off and wipe off the headlights every 10 minutes just to have enough light to see, we were exhausted.


We made it to Gallup New Mexico and Motel 6 to spend the night. We eventually made it to Albuquerque the next day and finally ran out of snow. We had a very brief but wonderful visit and stay at our favorite retreat, “Beulah” where Jerry and Annette have so graciously hosted us so many times. They run the ministry “Faith Comes by Hearing” which is now up to 900+ translations of the oral bible. A wonderful visit with Kamaka who was a huge encouragement to us. I’m trying to hold on to his reminder that Jesus is in us and it is like mixing water and tea….there is no separating once it is mixed!
New Braunfels was a long drive but we made it and got to experience just how big Texas is coming from the western corner. It is big, but the hill country just to the west of New Braunfels was beautiful! Our friend John Reynolds from Idaho was there along with other old friends from the Shiloh days in New York! It was quiet the reunion as they enjoyed Jake’s last football game and then we experienced Wurstfest and the River Walk together. Lot’s of fun.



A quick week with Chris and Megan and then on to Fort Worth! Christmas orders are upon us, so it will be a Thanksgiving season of thankfulness for being back with friends and family and work, work, work. Nashville….coming soon!

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