Anniversary Scrolls, Marriage Certificates, Ketubot

We are so excited to offer a large variety of anniversary scrolls and wedding ketubot. A ketubah is a jewish wedding contract. It is used in the wedding ceremony and signed in the presence of witnesses that also sign the contract, along with the rabbi, or officiant. These are increasing in popularity with all faiths, as it is a unique piece of art to display in the couples home that reflects the intent of their union, the date, and their creative voice! We love working with couples to create a lasting piece of art that reflects their unique personality. Our goat or calf skin leather will hold these words and signatures for many generations to come. Pricing starts at $75 for a standard size which is approximately 8.5 x 12 inches. Larger sizes are available as are the traditional Hebrew and English text. Extra charges are added for translating and size. The third wedding anniversary is typically celebrated with leather, which makes our anniversary scrolls the perfect remembrance of your wedding day. Popular scrolls include the favorite wedding picture, the vows, or favorite song and sentiments. Just contact us with your ideas and we will help you design a special and lasting gift!

Etsy scroll finishes

anniversary scroll with days

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