We are behind on updates. It feels like we have been to the outer most parts of the Northwest…and we have. We have not always had good cell reception or internet and so when we did, clients took precedence! We have managed to be in the wilderness however and mostly keep up with orders! We have driven around the great Olympic Peninsula and taken in more beauty than I can share or think of a way to express. We are working our way down the Oregon coast now. I had always heard of its beauty, but you just can’t imagine it until you see it! I have also been slow to “blog” because of the complaints I wanted to work through before they crept into my writing. My dear friend Brenda graciously warned me not to feel like a failure if I came to a point I just wanted to stop and put down roots because, that was what I was good at. I think all of the cold nights and rainy days are making me do just that, sprout roots! But alas, they just start to reach for the sun and it is time to move again! A great mixture for frustration for one like me. I think I have mentioned before my growing kinship with the children of Israel as they wondered in the dessert. I just really didn’t get all the complaining till now. Something about carrying everything you need around with you just makes you grumpy! Things are never where you think you left them, because where you were is always different. It’s the little things too! I never appreciated a well designed un-spillable cup like I do now. Really I should rephrase that to say I am on a quest for such a thing and really don’t believe it exists yet. I have had my share of come-aparts, but the next drink I spill may just push me over the edge! We have to watch our behavior these days too because we finally have advertisement of who we are on the ambulance! We have attracted a lot of attention everywhere we go anyway. The chimney out the end of the camper is the biggest curiosity for these seasoned RV-ers! But now, we are Sonshine Leather and with a phone number to boot! One side blew off somewhere, so we are just waiting for the call someday that says, “hey I found your phone number”.
We are getting ready to head away from the Pacific. It will be a sad good-bye. I’m leaving a part of my heart in Seattle for sure! We hope to be back in warm New Braunfels in a few weeks and then in middle Tennessee shortly after Thanksgiving. Hope to see some friends and family soon!
Olympic photo merge for blog

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