Catching Up

So sorry for the lack of news to anybody that is anxiously waiting. Life happens and rarely as we predict or expect! I think I started this whole endeavor with the theme of flexibility, and I have to keep going back to the same lesson as the curve balls come. We were very blessed with a very busy Christmas season! One that tested our ability to stay mobile and work out of a camper and the wonderful borrowed space from friends and family. If we continue to grow as we hope, we will be looking for a shop for the busy seasons, at least. We continue to seek wisdom to know where and when that needs to be. Nolan’s dad had an unexpected brush with death on Christmas day, so our plans to have a warm winter have ended back in Tennessee for a season. Thanks to everybody’s understanding on a few late Christmas orders as we continue to try and be responsible children to beloved parents. Bob continues to improve and we so appreciate the prayers and encouragement that so many have sent! As I write this, I have left Nolan to process orders and handle the doctor appointments and such as I take a break and have some “Clara” time in Seattle. Instead of travel pictures, I’ll post a few of our favorite Christmas orders, now that they have all been given as gifts 🙂

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