Recommended Bible Links

Over the years we have covered a lot of bibles. Purchasing bibles to cover and offer the public is a big part of our process. We have always recommended the sewn bindings to be the longest lasting and tend to lay more flat than the glued versions. Some versions are next to impossible to find while other are found at very affordable prices. We often have clients send us their own well worn bibles to recover, but many clients are looking for a good personal bible that will last years of heavy use. Others are giving them as gifts and often for weddings, so the quality and family heritage sections are the important features. We have decided to link with Amazon for a time and offer links to some of our favorite and recommended bibles. This list will be growing as we find new ones that we feel good about recommending. We do get a small commission from these links, so we appreciate you using from our page!

Family Bibles (These all have great family heritage pages which make them great for wedding gifts)

This is our favorite NIV personal size for wedding gifts: