Working and Shopping

I am so thankful for my time with Jenny today. So good to see her happy in her new job and to experience her new game and to go shopping in the loop and having Ted Drews Custard, etc, etc. She also helped us launch a new blog for our website. I’ve had my first lesson at building a webpage and launching a blog! It may take us awhile to get the website looking just right, but at least we have a place for friends that don’t do twitter and facebook to keep up with us! Thanks Jenny! And thanks John for our delicious burgers! Nolan’s day was a little more about work, finding a compatible laser company willing to let us rent time for our upcoming orders. One order was successful but we have to go back tomorrow and try the others again with different settings. Hard to believe a lightening strike could cost us so much time and money.

2 thoughts on “Working and Shopping

    1. Yes, it happened a couple of months before we left. We thought we had it all fixed by the time we left but it broke the day before leaving AGAIN!

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